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A spicy romantic fantasy and fae The Legend of Sleepy Hollow retelling. Read more here.

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A New Adult Romantic portal Fantasy Novel

Dare to dream.
Live to defy.

For fans of Intisar Khanani, Sarah K.L. Wilson and Chesney Infalt, this portal fantasy with chronic illness representation is now available in paperback from Amazon.

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Horace: A Sorcer World Novelette Cover
Horace: A Sorcer World Novelette

Introducing a new world, where powerful Sorcers live parallel to magical Ordinars and the Prim Ministry rules all…Too bad ex-prodigy Sydney doesn’t know any of this before setting foot in a Sorcer cafe.

Read more about this heart-warming family drama here.

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A Serial YA Fantasy Novel for subscribers

A princess, pirates and merfolk galore! Join me in a new adventure that turns The Little Mermaid upside down and inside out.

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Read Princess Disasterface for free.

Bonni is the un-princessy princess who has it all: lazy mornings, a royal tailor to make unlimited yoga pants, and a personal trash phoenix.  What she doesn’t have–or want–is a prince.  Too bad Xanador’s enemies (and her scary mother) are about to get in her way. Released episodically right here on ckbeggan.com.

Growin’ Pup

The comic about raising a pupper.

They don’t let you sleep, they have to pee when you sit down to eat, they bark at everything.  They’re a lot of work, they’re full of beans, joy and a few other things.  Based on a true story!

Social Isolation

A temporary comic for these pandemic days.

These are the misadventures of a youngish woman who is socially isolating alone, works from home and has eaten way too much pizza by herself.