Novels & Novellas

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The Tainted and the Tamed (A Vampires of Kaiden Novella), by C.K. Beggan

The Tainted and the Tamed: A Class Difference Spicy Vampire Romance novella (A Vampires of Kaiden Novella)

His dangerous beauty cannot be tamed. The Tainted and the Tamed is part of a romantic dark fantasy series with political intrigue, powerful vampires and the mortals who fall for them.
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Revel at the Court of Claws, by C.K. Beggan (A Season of the Fae Prequel Novella)

Revel at the Court of Claws: A spicy Sleeping Beauty retelling novella (Season of the Fae .5)

The Hollow Kingdom meets The Cruel Prince with a dash of The Host in this spicy, witchy Sleeping Beauty and Sun, Moon and Talia retelling.
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Lord of the Hollow Court cover

Lord of the Hollow Court: A spicy romantic fantasy retelling (Season of the Fae #1)

A human girl in want of a husband. A fae lord of a court on the brink. Caution: pumpkin spice ahead. The original edition of Lord of the Hollow Court with spicy, open door romance.
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Lord of the Hollow Court: Fade to Black Edition, Season of the Fae Book One, by C.K. Beggan

Lord of the Hollow Court: Fade to Black Edition (Season of the Fae #1.1)

For readers who prefer closed door romance: the Fade to Black edition takes out the spice and adds two kissing scenes!
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Girl of Shadow and Glass cover

Girl of Shadow and Glass: A YA Portal Fantasy (Tara’s Necklace #1)

A girl who crosses worlds and talks to shadows. A land of dying magic. Can Kith find a place for herself in a world that believes she doesn’t belong? First in a series with chronic illness representation and sweet romance.
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Girl of Glass and Fury, Tara's Necklace Book 2, by C.K. Beggan

Girl of Glass and Fury: A YA Portal Fantasy (Tara’s Necklace #2)

A girl full of anger. A city full of lost magic just begging to be rediscovered. Can Finchoa prove everyone wrong and save her world? Or will the cost be more than she’s ready to pay?
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Girl of Starlight and Gold (Tara’s Necklace #3)

Description and cover coming soon.

Cover of The Fishermen's Princess

The Fishermen’s Princess: A YA Serial Novel

Currently a subscriber exclusive! A princess never meant to be queen. A sea full of forbidden magic. Follow Drina’s quest to reach her rightful place–and find the love match she craves. On hiatus.
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The Prince or the Bard? (Season of the Fae: The High Court Book 1)

A must choose, fake-dating story set in the world of Season of the Fae, with a prickly puca protagonist called upon to serve her royal cousin at the High Court of all earthen fae. Set in Ireland during the Middle Ages, this novella follows events at the Connor Court during its height.
Coming in 2024

Novelettes & Short Stories

From the Arcane: Relics of Legends and Lore, by the authors of Indie Fantasy Addicts cover

From the Arcane: Relics of Legend and Lore

An anthology from the authors of Indie Fantasy Addicts, featuring my short story Bright Arrow: A Sorcer World Tale. 
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To Thaw A Phoenix Heart (Immortal Academia Prequel), by C.K. Beggan

To Thaw a Phoenix Heart (Immortal Academia Prequel Novelette)

Forbidden romance blossoms between two teens in a dystopian version of our world. Featuring chronic illness representation and a STEM heroine.
Coming in 2024

Vampires of Kaiden (Vampires of Kaiden Prequel)

The Diet of vampires is at a crossroads as one of their own tries to seize power, leading to unintended consequences: Will another civil war begin, or can saving a life calm tensions between the vampire political factions and preserve Kaiden’s peace? Meet Haruki, Daisuke, Junpei and Ms. Tanabe before the events of The Tainted and the Tamed.
Coming in 2024

Snow-Swept: A Gargoyle Romance Novelette, by C.K. Beggan (pale wings, snowflakes and intricate lacy designs over a background the color of night)

Snow-Swept: A Sweet Gargoyle Romance Novelette

Midwife’s apprentice Sorrel needs to get to the neighboring village urgently. When a snowstorm sweeps in, it brings her an unexpected lifeline. And he just so happens to have wings. No spice monster romance.
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Horace: A Sorcer World Novelette Cover

Horace: A Sorcer World Novelette

Is Sydney’s estranged dad a magic-wielding hero, or is all of this just an elaborate lie? Horace’s magicless, ex-prodigy daughter heads to a “sorcer” cafe to learn the truth. No spice NA fantasy family drama.
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Kindle Vella Stories

A Court of Swords and Roses (Solstice Kisses and Curses Season 1): Formerly titled A Court of Swords and Sugar Plums. A spicy romantic fantasy with faerie bargains, sorcerers and curses

A Court of Swords and Sugar Plums (Solstice Kisses and Curses Season 2): Part 2 of the story of sorcerers Tessaline, Sovann and Janus as they fight to stop another court falling to the fae gods’ curse (coming soon)

The Lamp Post Society: A no-spice Gaslamp Fantasy about a skeptical monster hunter in a supernatural society

Stone Circles: A New Fairy Tale: A fade-to-black forbidden romance rooted in Irish mythology

This Gods-Forsaken Quest: A quirky mythology retelling with a reluctant hero seeking redemption

The Trickster Bride: A fated mates romantic fantasy with a bloodwitch fated to be with her enemy


Girl of Shadow and Glass Third Edition

Tara’s Necklace Book One
A New Adult Portal romantic Fantasy Novel

The full-length novel derived from the novella A Shadow in Sundown.

Perfect for fans of Sarah K.L. Wilson, Intisar Khanani and Tessonja Odette.


Dare to dream. Live to defy.

I can’t remember the last time I dared to dream about anything—not about my future, never about love, and certainly not about the sorcery the ancestors left behind.

All that’s about to change.

Kith has spent each of her seventeen years being coddled by the wisps and semi-wisps of her world. Born physically fragile, her family, elders and neighbors have never allowed her the independent life she craves. It’s no wonder she looks forward to her brush with sorcery each morning. When she passes through an ancient gate to a neighboring world, the animal-like shadows are there to welcome her—and the shadows aren’t the coddling type.

Bound by treaty to feed and educate her, the magical shadows have become beloved teachers for Kith—until one of them makes a shocking decision. Kith must succeed at a new type of education: she must learn to run faster than a shadow or risk going hungry.

With the weight of an inter-world treaty on her shoulders–and encouragement from a young man with courtship on his mind—Kith sets out on a journey to become stronger, smarter and more independent, all within the bounds of her dying world and the body she was born with. Because as the last of her ancestors’ protective sorcery gives way, it’s no longer enough for Kith to defy the odds.

It’s time to live to defy.

Tara’s Necklace Book Two
A New Adult Portal romantic Fantasy Novel

For fans of Elizabeth Lim, Helena Rookwood and Intisar Khanani.


Save the world. Lose yourself.

They call me a true wisp, as if that’s all there is to me. But when I find the secrets to our ancestors’ magic, they’ll wish they never doubted me.

I’m going to save this good-for-nothing world.

Finchoa isn’t like the other girls. Thanks to her ghost-like body she can’t be with the boy she cares for, can’t help her best friend and—most frustratingly of all—she can’t cross the gate linking her world to that of the shadows.

But Finchoa longs for magic, just as she burns for every wisp to be treated fairly. As her determination morphs into rage, she will stop at nothing to uncover the ancestors’ lost sorcery and change her world. And if that means exploring the ruined ancient cities to find it, so be it. The only trouble?

Magic has a cost, and what Finchoa finds in the mountains will change her life forever.

I can’t lose the people I love.

Note: Girl of Glass and Fury (Tara’s Necklace Book Two) can be read before Girl of Shadow and Glass (Tara’s Necklace Book One).