Tara’s Necklace

Girl of Shadow and Glass cover

Girl of Shadow and Glass (Tara’s Necklace Book One)
A New Adult portal romantic fantasy novel

The full-length novel derived from the novella A Shadow in Sundown.

Narrated by: Kith
Heat Level: No spice
Tropes: Underdog heroine, chosen by the popular guy, star-crossed lovers, power in chronic illness, shadow creatures
For fans of: Sarah K.L. Wilson, Intisar Khanani and Alisha Klapheke

Girl of Glass and Fury, Tara's Necklace Book 2, by C.K. Beggan

Girl of Glass and Fury (Tara’s Necklace Book Two)
A New Adult portal romantic fantasy novel

Finchoa’s side of the story, taking place during the events of Girl of Shadow and Glass. Read it before book one OR in release order.
Narrated by: Finchoa
Heat level: No spice, brief partial nudity (during a sea bathing scene)
Tropes: Underdog heroine, prove the world wrong, shadow creatures, unrequited love, fantasy quest, fantasy worlds, be careful what you wish for
For fans of: Elizabeth Lim, Sarah K.L. Wilson and Intisar Khanani


Save the world. Lose yourself.

They call me a true wisp, as if that’s all there is to me. But when I find the secrets to our ancestors’ magic, they’ll wish they never doubted me.

I’m going to save this good-for-nothing world.

But Finchoa longs for magic, just as she burns for every wisp to be treated fairly. As her determination morphs into rage, she will stop at nothing to uncover the ancestors’ lost sorcery and change her world. And if that means exploring the ruined ancient cities to find it, so be it. The only trouble?

Magic has a cost, and what Finchoa finds in the mountains will change her life forever.

I can’t lose the people I love.