Vampires of Kaiden

The Vampires of Kaiden (Prequel Story)
Dark fantasy with political intrigue and a hint of romance

Release date: Coming soon
POVs: Haruki, Junpei, Daisuke, Ms. Tanabe, Kenji, Chairman Kaba
Heat level: Mild spice
Tropes: Damsel in distress, heist, enemies to friends, enemies to lovers, political intrigue
For fans of: Priory of the Orange Tree, King of Battle and Blood and Six of Crows

Rescue the girl. Save the nation.

Vampire politics and altruism make for a precarious dance when three vampires from opposing sides set out to save a half-vampire young woman–and protect her explosive secret that could pitch Kaiden into another civil war. As former enemies are forced to work together for the first time, it will take all of them to pull off the heist of the century and save Kaiden’s future.

In this dark fantasy prequel to The Tainted and the Tamed, readers will get a thrilling introduction to characters in future books in the series, including Chairman Asami Haruki, future lovers and current enemies Junpei and Daisuke, Ms. Tanabe, fox-shifter Momoko, and the shadow-wielding former assassin Kenji.

The Tainted and the Tamed: A spicy class-difference vampire romance
(Book One of Vampires of Kaiden)

POVs: Haruki and Murasaki
Heat level: Slow-burn to very spicy
In Kindle Unlimited: Yes
Tropes: Slow-burn romance, class difference, age gap, morally grey characters, tormented MMC, servant to lady romance, secret paranormal world
Representation: Chronic illness representation (lung condition)
For fans of: King of Battle and Blood and Cold-Hearted Rake