Horace: A Sorcer World Novelette

Welcome to the Sorcer World, where magic is real, wands are deadly and the Prim Ministry is always watching.

Horace: A Sorcer World Novelette Cover

A New ADult Fantasy Novelette

Release Date: April 29, 2022

Spice level: No spice or romance (Family Drama)

Availability: Free for newsletter subscribers

Themes: Estranged parent, reunion of a father and daughter, secret world, contemporary world with hidden magic, magical war, untested magic


Sorcer. Hero. Fugitive.

Horace is many things, but for Sydney, he’s also dad. Or would be, if he hadn’t disappeared when she was a baby.

Meeting Horace is already complicated enough. When floundering ex-prodigy Sydney joins him for breakfast at a magical cafe, she has no idea just how complicated things can get.

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