Season of the Fae romantic fantasy series

Lord of the Hollow Court
Lord of the Hollow Court Hook Line

Lord of the Hollow Court (Season of the Fae #1)

A fae The Legend of Sleepy Hollow retelling with an age gap romance, spooky season thrills and an exciting new world of fae–right next to our own.

Coming September 2022


It’s Halloween night in Sleepy Hollow, and Katty is desperate to find a husband. When prime target Ichabod flees into the woods, Katty steals her friend’s horse and chases after him–only to encounter a frightening spirit on horseback. After stumbling through the misty woods, Katty finds herself in an enchanted fae manor.

As Lord of the Hollow Court, low fae Braam hosts the Samhain revel each year, an event that draws high fae from international courts–including his liege and secret lover, Madeleif. Despite his efforts to perfect every detail of the revel and save his Court, Braam is irresistibly drawn to Madeleif, right under her royal mate’s nose.

But this year’s revel must go off without a hitch: if Braam can’t prove his court’s worth, the Hollow Court will be absorbed into the merciless Court of Claws. After Katty is discovered in his pantry, Braam scrambles to save a human girl he’s never met instead of returning to the woman he loves.

Will Katty and Braam be each other’s salvation? Or is a single human girl all it takes to topple the Hollow Court for good?

This fae Sleepy Hollow retelling and age gap romance is the first in a series of interconnected, standalone romantic fantasy novels, each set during a different time of year in fae courts around the world.

Note: Lord of the Fae Court is intended for mature readers and contains spicy romantic scenes, nudity, abusive language from a parent and an instance of dubious consent outside the primary romance.