New Episode and Updates

Episode 1.2 of Princess Disasterface is now available.

I am oh-so-grateful to the team at SiteGround for fixing the technical issue I had.  Otherwise Episode 1.2 would have been out on Monday, I swear…!

Today, I added some navigation buttons to each episode above and below the content.  Should make things smoother for readers who need to catch up.

On Episode 1.0, I made things a little less smooth.  All those patterned backgrounds looked great when I was making them, but it was a touch grating on the eyes when stacked up on a lit screen/in a white background.  That’s why I threw in some dividers between pages (there’s generally 3-4 per episode, FYI).

Someday I’ll go back and edit all those mistakes I made when I was young and new to making comics…by which I mean a couple months younger than I am now.  But hey, there’s a learning curve.

Enjoy, and have a great one.