Trivia: How well do you know Six of Crows?

How Well do You Know Six of Crows?
So you think you know your way around the Barrel? These six questions will separate the revelers from the true Crows. Find out if you can hold your own in the darkest corners of Ketterdam below!


1. Which of these is NOT the name of one of Inej’s knives?

A. Sankta Anastasia
B. Sankta Marya
C. Sankt Constantin
D. Sankt Vladimir

2. True or false: The ship that carries Kaz’s heist team to Fjerda is called The Ferdinand.

3. Which of these are NOT things Inej receives from Kaz?

A. A knife
B. A new contract
C. The Wraith
D. Cold hard cash

4. Which of these is NOT the name of a Barrel gang?

A. The Black Tips
B. The Dregs
C. The Razorbeaks
D. The Dime Lions

5. Which of these things are associated with Nina Zenik?

A. Corpsewitch
B. The White Rose
C. Corporalnik
D. All of the above

6. Which of these is NOT a Barrel business?

A. The Emerald Palace
B. The Silver Lion
C. Club Cumulus
D. The House of the Blue Iris

1. Sankt Constantin
2. False: They sail on Ferolind
3. A new contract (she receives it from Per Haskell)
4. The Razorbeaks (the gang is called the Razorgulls.)
5. All of the Above
6. The Silver Lion

Less than four questions right: Find the nearest Stadwatch officer to escort you home. The Barrel eats nice people like you alive!

Four questions right: Ok, so you’ve been to the Barrel. How much money did you lose?

Five questions right: I think you have what it takes. Per Haskell and the Crows could use someone of your talents,

Six questions right: Talk to Dirtyhands about your next assignment–you’re already a Barrel rat through and through!

So, how’d you do?

Do you know Kaz Brekker?

Do You KNow Kaz Brekker?

So, you think you know Kaz Brekker…! Find out below whether you’re a tried and true Crow who knows Kaz cover to cover–or if you’re just visiting the Crow Club for kicks.


1.What item of Saskia’s does Kaz Brekker keep?

A. A toy lion
B. A pin
C. A ribbon
D. A crow stuffed animal

2. Which of these businesses does Kaz Brekker sabotage?

A. The Rose Garden
B. The Kaelish Prince
C. The Crow Club
D. Club Cumulus

3. What everday item does Kaz keep up his sleeve as a weapon?

A. A shucking knife
B. A paring knife
C. A seam ripper
D. A boning knife

4. True or false: Kaz Brekker has never left Ketterdam until the Fjerdan heist.

5. What real plague does Kaz Brekker orchestrate a fake outbreak of?

A. The King’s Pox Plague
B. The Queen’s Lady Plague
C. The Water Pox Plague
D. The Lady’s Lace Plague

6. Which of these characters does Kaz slip up and call Jordie?

A. Inej
B. Matthias
C. Wylan
D. Jesper

1 C. A ribbon
2. B. The Kaelish Prince
3. A. A (oyster) shucking knife
4. False: Kaz is from the countryside
5. B. The Queen’s Lady Plague
6. D. Jesper

Less than four questions right: Have you been watching Netflix again?

Four questions right: Ok, so you’ve see Kaz Brekker around.

Five questions right: You know Kaz Brekker–but I wouldn’t let him hear you saying that!

Six questions right: Kaz will admit to knowing you. Heck, he may even set up a rescue when you’re in need. But can anyone REALLY know Kaz Brekker?