A Shadow in Sundown is here!

My first novella has finally made it onto Amazon, after many months of delays!  You can find A Shadow in Sundown (ebook only so far) here.

I also have an Amazon author page now, which I’ve added to my About section.  You can look at that little gem here.

After a lot of back and forth, I decided to enroll in KDP Select.  I had hoped to roll everything out on a variety of platforms (I still can with the paperback, when I get that darn cover done), but then I read this very persuasive article from Draft2Digital about exclusive vs. wide marketing.  (Lot of links in this post, aren’t there!)

In a nutshell, they suggested giving exclusive publishing rights a go, at least for a single term, for authors with less than 3 titles.  That’s me!  And the free promotion that comes with being an ebook exclusive to Amazon could be a real help.  At least I hope so.

Anyway, I now have 90 days to focus on my writing.  And my new four-legged friend.  And my family and the holidays and…you get the picture!

Oh, yeah, and Princess Disasterface, too.  It’s coming back shortly, I promise!

So cheers to you, dear reader, and boo to all the things that take us away from whatever is most precious to each of us!