Episode 2 begins!

Princess Disasterface is back!  Episode 2 begins here.

I’ve been making some font changes here on the website and in the comic to make things look a little sharper.  When I said there was a learning curve to building this website, I meant it!  I only recently figured out how to alter the font attributes so things are more readable.  Not to mention justified instead of centered.

Baby steps!

Anyway, it’s nice to be working on the comic again.  My little break didn’t get me as far ahead as I hoped, thanks to my delayed release of A Shadow in Sundown.  The truth is I probably need to set a more realistic timetable for myself.  Once, I aimed to release almost every week…and now we’ll see how it goes.  Any scene/episode that requires a new background takes a lot more time to put together, and then I end up behind.

My Episode 2 resolution will be to relax and enjoy the process a little more.  I’m really looking forward to creating younger versions of the Duchess (whose name has been revealed–Diometra!) and the Queen (Esmerelda Sparkles Medina) as I delve into their backstories.