Author Book Entry Form

For clean or sweet romance, select no spice. For implied sex not described on page, select closed door. For some spicy interactions that continue off page, select fade-to-black. For some on-page sex that is not graphically described, select steamy. For on page sex that is described in more detail or a mix of detailed scenes and fade-to-black or closed door scenes, select spicy. For very detailed, multiple sex scenes, select sizzling hot (the highest rating).
Tropes will appear as they are listed here. Listing more conventional trope names will increase your book’s discoverability. We aren’t fussy about what is or isn’t a trope here, we just want your book to find its readers. Please include thematic types such as grimdark, noblebright, steampunk, MFM romance, etc. Reverse harem or RH should be listed as Why Choose.
We recommend a Universal Book Link. Do NOT use a link that takes readers to multiple or other books. No link trees.
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