A quick note

Hello.It's been a while.I'm well, how are you?That's good/I'm very sorry to hear that.(But seriously, I hope you are all well and getting by.)As we all go through this oddness of what some medical professionals are calling "a baby virus" (some baby!), I wanted to drop a quick note with the following orders of business:#1. … Continue reading A quick note

Indie Book Spotlight: The Prince and Poisoner (Rookwood)

Today's indie book spotlight is on... The Prince and the Poisoner (Carnival of Fae Book 1), by Helena Rookwood (May 14, 2020; New Adult Fantasy/Romantic Fantasy)(Note: I received an advanced digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.)Four words: The Carnival of Stars.  The ultimate setting of Helena Rookwood's The Prince and … Continue reading Indie Book Spotlight: The Prince and Poisoner (Rookwood)