The Fishermen's Princess

Cover of The Fishermen's Princess

The Little Mermaid is turned upside-down and inside-out in this creative retelling about merfolk, true love, wicked and benevolent pirates and a princess trying to find her place in the world.

Advisors tell Princess Alexandrina that fishermen are the lifeblood of their corner-of-and-island nation. Folklore says the fishermen serve the merfolk more than the crown. So why on earth are the fishermen following Drina?

When Drina sneaks out of the castle, the fishermen are there. When she plans to outsmart the meddling Cardinal and her formidable mother, they are there. And when Drina just might marry the prince she wants to (instead of the baron she’s supposed to), they are there. Just like they were there when her father, the lowly fishermen who married a future queen, was buried at sea.

As Drina fights for a love story of her own, tragedy sails ever closer to her kingdom, and its black sails carry the standard of the sea’s most terrifying pirates. Can the fishermen help Drina when she needs it most? Or do they only serve the crown beneath the sea?

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(Tara’s Necklace Book One)
A New Adult Fantasy Novel

The full-length novel derived from the novella A Shadow in Sundown.

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Six days. Two worlds. Nothing will ever be the same.

Seventeen-year-old Kith is many things: affable, frail and adventurous; a friend, a daughter and a collector. She also happens to have a solid body in a world full of wisps, and a life expectancy she’s long-since exceeded. And that’s not even the most remarkable thing about her. 

Six days a week, Kith rises early to cross a gate into another world, where she breakfasts with the mysterious creatures known as shadows. Bound to Kith by an inter-world treaty since she was six years old, the shadows provide Kith with something even more valuable than food: they teach her history and give her knowledge of the worlds—two things the people of Kith’s isolated home-world lost long ago.

When the shadows’ lessons take a sinister turn, everything Kith hopes for is suddenly at risk. She has a fractured friendship and a handsome young man on her mind—not ancient history. She’s the last person who could keep her world safe. But the long-lived shadows know the truth: history is about to repeat itself, whether Kith is ready for it or not.

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Tara’s Necklace Book Two

Coming Summer 2021

Finchoa Vaddi knows Sundown’s mountains hold the secrets to its magical past. And nothing can stop her from discovering them—even her own ghostly body.

As a wisp in a dying world, Finchoa lives her life at the mercy of Sundown’s vicious winds. But Finchoa doesn’t give up easily. With the help of her friends, she searches for what her ancestors left behind—and discovers a truth that will change her life forever.

When Finchoa encounters a Gate to a wild new world, only one thing is clear: the shadows aren’t the only threat to her World.