May Updates

Hi all! This May, the snow is gone (for now!), the trees are flowering and my projects are slowly coming together. At the end of last month, the first two chapters of The Fishermen's Princess were released for subscribers to my mailing list. This month will bring a more usual single chapter. The story currently … Continue reading May Updates

April promos!

Now that the third of three BookFunnel promos I'm participating in this month has begun, I thought I'd collect everything in one place!I'm finally building a newsletter, so it makes the most sense to change how I tell you about these promos. From now on, I'll be including links to current promos at the bottom … Continue reading April promos!

April updates

The business side: I have three—count 'em, three—promos to share with you all this month! Including two that begin today (more on the third next week). Book promo 1: Otherworldly Beings (books featuring non-humans and former humans). Otherworldy Beings is a sales promo for books in the romance, fantasy/sci-fi romance and fantasy/sci-fi genres. It goes … Continue reading April updates

Spring Break Promo

Spring is heeeeere...ish! Cherry blossoms from last spring. Visiting them has become a family tradition. First, the bookish business. For anybody looking for something to read over spring break (should you have such a thing) there is a new BookFunnel promo featuring CLEAN reads only. That means no swearing, sex or gratuitous violence. One of … Continue reading Spring Break Promo

The Fishermen’s Princess Cover Reveal!

It's cover and synopsis reveal time for my new serial novel!(Be warned, this is a graphics-heavy post!) Looking good so far...Looks like the title is... The Fishermen's Princess A Serial New Adult Fantasy Novel by C.K. BegganThe Little Mermaid is turned upside-down and inside-out in this creative retelling about merfolk, true love, wicked and benevolent pirates and … Continue reading The Fishermen’s Princess Cover Reveal!

The (overwhelming) truth about releasing an indie book

It’s been a wild 9 days.Wow. Only 9 days?!After dipping my toes into the self-publishing world, I released my first full-length novel on January 15th. There were a few differences this time, like that I chose wide distribution (making my book available at many retailers) instead of just Amazon.Here’s what I’ve learned so far:1. Mistakes … Continue reading The (overwhelming) truth about releasing an indie book