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Indie BooksTraditional BooksAuthor InterviewsSpecial Features Indie Book Spotlight Reviews of the best (and my favorite) fantasy and speculative fiction novels I've come across so far, all by indie authors.Daughter of Shades (Mercedes)An Enchantment of Thorns (Rookwood & Vince)The Purple Haze (Einspruch)The Road to Farringale (English)Sunbolt (Khanani)Spindle (Gingell)Sting Magic (Wilson)The Prince and the Poisoner (Rookwood)Snowblind (Velfman)Tapestry of Night … Continue reading Book Reviews

June updates

Hi all! It's me, your favorite author and book blogger who is never not behind on things! So what am I behind on this time, you might ask? Books I Recommend and Haven't Reviewed Yet Between Jobs, by W.R. Gingell - This book is the start of another madcap fantasy series, with a plucky, adaptable … Continue reading June updates

Interview: Andrew Einspruch (The Light Bearer)

Recently, I had the privilege of interviewing author Andrew Einspruch (The Purple Haze), author of the wonderfully quirky fantasy series, The Western Lands and All That Really Matters. Besides the humor he brings to fantasy—a rarity in a sometimes overly serious genre—Andrew Einspruch is an interesting interview subject for many reasons. One such reason is … Continue reading Interview: Andrew Einspruch (The Light Bearer)

May Updates

Hi all! This May, the snow is gone (for now!), the trees are flowering and my projects are slowly coming together. At the end of last month, the first two chapters of The Fishermen's Princess were released for subscribers to my mailing list. This month will bring a more usual single chapter. The story currently … Continue reading May Updates